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BakerMurray Coaching operates as part of BakerMurray Consulting

1:1 Coaching Session – £75.00 for an hour and a half Session

Individual online coaching session to explore what YOU want to have, be or do. YOU will take the time to focus on an outcome and set the first steps YOU will take to achieve this.

‘YOUR Journey’ Workshop – £49.00 for a three and a half hour online group coaching workshop

The ‘YOUR Journey’ workshop, is YOUR opportunity to spend time in a group coaching environment to explore what YOU want to do, be or have. We spend time looking at YOUR ‘Current State’ and then set an outcome for YOU, this will allow YOU to achieve YOUR ‘Desired State’. Take this time for YOU.

Coaching Package – £224.00 for ‘YOUR Journey’ Workshop and three x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Attendance to the ‘YOUR Journey’ online group coaching workshop, and three 1:1 online coaching sessions for further exploration, reflection and discovery for YOU.

All sessions are currently offered online via Zoom.

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