BakerMurray Coaching

Enabling individuals to create their own journey to success

I offer a wide range of services for individuals to support YOUR Journey of self reflection and discovery. Contacting me is the first step to making change for the future YOU.  I provide the opportunity for YOU to explore and discover YOUR authentic self.  Through 1:1 sessions I will work with YOU to act and take responsibility to make positive change to achieve YOUR dreams. Together we will find innovative ways to develop and grow YOU and/or YOUR business.

Get in touch to arrange YOUR free 20-minute consultation. This consultation is used to establish a synergy, ensuring that we can work together for YOUR success. We will discuss the reason YOU have taken this first step and how I can provide the resources YOU need. The resources below are examples of some of the tools that may be included. A bespoke package will then be tailored to YOUR needs and how much investment YOU want to make in YOU.

1:1 Life Coaching

Each 90-minute coaching session is unique, we will spend time focusing on what YOU want to be, do or have and create an outcome for YOU to then work with.

YOU will then make positive change to achieve YOUR outcome, I will support YOU with this using some techniques and tools. This may include NLP techniques to support YOUR change process.

Here are some examples of areas we could discuss;

  • Confidence Building
  • Self limiting Beliefs
  • Career Development
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship building

Your Journey

Time for YOU to discover YOUR future.

An interactive three and a half hours group workshop allowing YOU the time to focus on what YOU want to do, be or have.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Online completion of the Myers Briggs Personal Impact Report.

2 hour coaching session to explain and explore the types. Decide YOUR best fit.

Exploration and understanding of how YOU can use this knowledge to YOUR advantage

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