Facilitating and supporting organisations to create excellence in their people through vision, strategy and development

By contacting me YOU have taken the first step to making positive change for YOUR future self and YOUR organisation. I facilitate the opportunity for YOU to spend time with the team to create a more collaborative, authentic and high performing organisation. Together we will find innovative ways to develop and grow YOU and YOUR organisation.

A face to face meeting or conference call will allow me to fully understand;

  • YOUR organisations current vision and strategy
  • YOUR organisations current state
  • Highlight areas of strength
  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Discuss YOUR desired state and company vision

A bespoke proposal will be created and designed for YOU and YOUR organisation to meet YOUR strategic focus and desired outcome. This could include, but is not limited to, the workshops described below.


The Vision Journey

I will work with the Senior Leader and/or Leadership Team, to illicit exactly what the vision and strategy for the future success of the organisation is. The focus will be on what is the dream and how can I support YOU achieving it. If YOU are a start up or an existing organisation wanting to make a change then this session will be great for YOU.

The Team Journey

I will work with your team in a session using activities to help create more effective communication and teamwork. The team will have the opportunity to explore what works well for them and what could be improved to improve organisational effectiveness.


The Goal Setting Journey

Facilitation of an organisation review with relevant team members and leaders this will identify the ‘Current State’. I will work with the team to facilitate the key focus areas (idea collation and discussion). Set Strategic Goals/Outcomes for the organisations ‘Desired State’. The exercise ensures that we gain commitment and buy in.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Facilitation of a session with participants provides a full explanation of type and preference allowing for best fit and reported types to be explored and identified. Having this information will support YOUR organisation; through enhanced communication effective relationships and the creation of an open environment that operates more effectively and improves performance.


The Leadership Journey

I work with YOUR leaders to allow them to focus on their development. They will identify the areas of strength and their areas of focus for the future. Setting clear outcomes to achieve enables the organisation to become stronger with more effective engaged leaders who are continually developing themselves and gaining competitive advantage.

1:1 Business Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions for all levels within YOUR organisation. I will utilise coaching techniques and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to support YOUR team members in their development this can include;

  • Confidence Building
  • Self limiting Beliefs
  • Career Development
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Relationship building

Contact me to take positive action for YOUR future.

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