YOUR Journey

An interactive group coaching workshop that gives YOU the time to discover YOUR future

How often do you take time for YOU?

Are YOU in the place that you want to be with your life, career, well being or leisure time?

Do YOU wake up each morning and jump out of bed truly doing what YOU want to do?

We will spend the group coaching workshop looking at what YOU truly want to be, do or have. We will explore YOUR current state and review what YOU want to change. The workshop takes YOU through the process of discovery enabling YOU to determine exactly what it is that YOU want and the effective steps YOU will take to go and get it. YOU will have the precious gift of time for YOU and only YOU. So pamper YOURSELF and book YOUR workshop today.

Next Workshop

DATE: 20th November 2021

TIME: 1:30pm

LOCATION: Newport Cricket Club, Audley Avenue, Newport, Shropshire

PRICE: £25.00 per person

To book please email

The workshop runs for three and half hours with a rest break.


Time to focus on me, the wheel of life helped me to make judgements about where I currently am. Time to discuss and putting together a plan to move forward. It was well pitched and appropriate pace. I loved the relaxed setting in a small group it allowed time for us to reflect. Lisa was focused and professional in a lovely calm and relaxed way.

Claire C – YOUR Journey workshop participant

Everything from the group to Lisa’s way of leading us into reflection on our own personal journey and helping us focus on our personal goals.  Clear materials and effective. Lisa explained things clearly and allowed the group to feel at ease to ask questions or gain clarity in their own journey. Lisa is natural at allowing people the confidence to focus on their goals helping people identify what they truly want and the confidence to achieve it. This was a fantastic opportunity; Lisa you have a gift it was a great session and I would love to pay for more sessions in a group setting.

Mel G – YOUR Journey Workshop Participant

Good pace.  Time to think through what I really want and need at this point in my life.  Lisa allowed the group to interact with each other and challenge each other’s comments.  I think Lisa would support a group that didn’t know each other by gently delving deeper into each individuals’ comments to help them look honestly at what’s important to themselves.

Helen A – YOUR Journey Workshop Participant

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